“Radical Islam”: The two words Barack Obama refuses to say

I don’t know about any of you but I am totally beside myself – ticked off on the heels of the radical Islamist Jihadist terror attack that occurred in Paris this past weekend.

I, like many of you, have watched the news and listened to Obama’s feckless (popular term for this president) speeches, searching for any hint of resolve or declaration of decisive action as a result of the ISIS attack that killed 129 and wounded 430 people.

But, as usual, we all heard absolutely nothing. The world heard nothing. The supposed leader of the free world and the most powerful nation on earth said he is going to continue to do nothing more than what he currently is doing. The Commander in Chief of the greatest and most capable military force on the planet refuses to give the order to annihilate these vermin.

All Obama could say during his statement at the G-20 Summit, all he could muster, was a continuation of his symbolic solidarity theme saying “we stand by our French allies…and I will continue with the current course of action.”

Obama 1His words are useless and meaningless, particularly to those around the world yearning for American leadership.

By the way, what course of action does he refer to? The one that has our fighter pilots flying around the battlefield under excruciating restrictive Rules of Engagement and coming back to their ship or base with bombs still attached to their aircraft. You mean the one where we “de-conflict” our sorties with Iran, that course of action?

Give me a break!

But you better believe that his meaningless words and inaction were heard very clearly by our enemies. Bet your bottom dollar that the radical Islamist terrorists and the leaders of Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Libya and other lunatics heard every coded word spoken by Obama and they rejoiced.

ny-post-frontpage-obama-islam-2-19-2015Another thing ticking me off, why is it that Obama referred to the Paris ISIS terror attack as just an “attack”. He never linked the word “terrorist” or “Islamist” to it. He can’t state the obvious even when the obvious states it for him. He will not utter the words “radical Islamist” together in the same sentence.

Why is that?

He makes it sound like the Paris attacks and others are simple common criminal acts, or more specifically, that these incidents are all randomly occurring and therefore not linked to Islam.  Some call this his Strategy of Randomness.

I call it talking in freaking circles and jibber jabber.

I mean, truly and sincerely, why is that? Why is this person, a supposed American citizen who says he is a Christian and who is the President of the United States, intentionally refuses to use those words even when those around him do so? It is beyond reason when many sane Muslims use those very words to describe these fanatics.

Why is he so reluctant to define exactly what the enemy is – Radical Islamist. That is what they are, aren’t they – radicalized people of Islamic faith who are engaged in a world war against all enemies of their twisted understanding and view of Islam.

Well, according to Clare Lopez, a twenty year veteran CIA operations officer and Strategic Policy and Intelligence expert, it is because Obama is beholding to the fanatical leaders of Iran.

You haven’t forgotten who those people are and the nifty little Iranian Nuclear Deal Obama brokered on your behalf, have you?

Ms. Lopez has gone on record and stated that “Obama’s plan is to remove American power and influence, including military forces, from Islamic lands.”

barack iranMichael Doran, formerly a Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Diplomacy at the U.S. Department of Defense, member of the National Security Council and Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute also agrees. Mr. Doran fully explains that the Obama has been developing his single minded and secret Iranian foreign policy ideology from the very beginning of his first term in office. That his inner-circle has been secretly discussing how to place Iran on top of the dog pile in the Middle East as the regional powerhouse with nuclear capability that can be used to police the Middle East and then have the U.S. fully disengage.

He completely and utterly dismisses previous U.S. historical foreign policy strategies as undertaken by Kennedy, Reagan, FDR, Clinton and many others – that being peace through strength.

This is Barack Obama’s plan, his ideology, his views and his game. You are not a player in Obama’s world.  Let me be clear, if any of you – citizens of America – or any of the U.S. Representatives from either party, or even our Governors think for a single minute that your opinions, votes, suggestions, plans, or concerns matter one iota to Barack Obama then you are gravely mistaken. Don’t make the mistake to “pop-off” with an idea because Obama doesn’t care about your ideas – only his.

Barack Obama could care less about the citizens of America. He is fully committed, beyond anything I have ever seen, to his ultra-left liberal agenda and the accumulation of absolute power for himself and the Democratic Party into perpetuity.

Viper One Six – Out

Published November 19, 2015 in Gate House Media | Leavenworth Times


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1 Response to “Radical Islam”: The two words Barack Obama refuses to say

  1. loaper73 says:

    If it looks like an idiot, walks like an idiot and talks like an idiot………. common sense indicates Obama is an idiot.


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