State of Denial

Me BW“Courage is being scared to death – and saddling up anyway.”  

                                                       John Wayne

Good Day my Fellow Americans and Patriots

So, we got really big problems following the horrific terrorist attack that occurred in San Bernardino last week. I’m sure you’ve heard all the details by now – 14 innocent victims killed and 21 injured. All of them killed or injured by Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, a supposed normal Southern California couple.

I’m also sure that you heard all the commentaries on TV from all the different networks as they all rushed to judgment about this attack carried out by radical Islamists. Maybe you heard the excuse by the lawyer of the Farook family who stated that the possible reason for the attack was because someone made fun of the terrorist’s beard at some obscure point in his life. That’s absolute insanity.

I heard reporters saying that the male and female jihadists may have been upset because it was a Christmas party – obviously referencing Christianity as a potential reason which set  the Jihadists off on this deadly rampage.

Really? Although on its face this reason seems absurd, there may be more to it. Such as, since Farook was a supposed employee and who had information on the group that was having the Christmas party, he would have had inside intelligence that this was a “soft target.” What better target for radical Islamic terrorists than at a Christmas party?

After all the excuses offered for why these two terrorists decided to build a bunch of bombs, buy tactical gear, practice with their weapons and develop a sophisticated plan of attack seem to be mute at this point. Since in the last day or so we have now found out that these two individuals have been planning this attack for a couple of years, have been radicalized well before that and, to me, they appear to be sleepers – Jihadist in waiting.

These liberal excuses as to why these people are attacking and killing anybody who disagrees with them the world over, to include other Muslims, such as global warming, joblessness, non-inclusion, etc. are just hogwash.

This is not a situation that requires in-depth analysis or psycho-analysis. This global Jihadist threat will not be solved by giving a terrorist a job so they feel better about him or herself and, thus, throw their IEDs and Kalashnikovs into a ditch and join the local chapter of terrorist anonymous. This is a serious threat perpetrated by people willing -no, wanting and desiring – to die for their cause and beliefs. No increase in a half a degree in global temperature is to blame for that.

Now, perhaps it wouldn’t be necessary to be overly concerned about this threat and the actions of these groups if it was contained in a small piece of land somewhere far away. But it isn’t. It is everywhere, including the U.S., and it is growing faster than you can blink an eye.

I can tell you why, in my opinion, these radical Islamic terrorists decided to execute their plans in San Bernardino last week.  Because that is what Radical Islam wants – that is the end-state goal. Be it ISIS/ISIL, Salafism originating from Arabian Peninsula or any other Islamist group, their goal, as declared and well documented, is the re-establishment of the caliphate across the Middle East and onto Indonesia, a return to the days of Mohammed and to attack and destroy all western societies. To accomplish that goal, old al Baghdadi and all the rest of those losers are using anyone and everyone they can to carry out their orders.

These are our problems:

First, as Director Comey of the FBI said, Malik, the female terrorist, swore allegiance to al Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, as well as Al Qaeda affiliate, al Nusra Front – a real nice little Islamic terror group fighting to establish their own caliphate in Syria when it finally falls. Her allegiance and “radicalization” was well established before she applied for a Visa to come live in our nice country. However, the very effective U.S. government background and vetting process – the same process by which our government says will be used for others, including those from Syria – didn’t work too well.

Second, the FBI has active and open investigations in every state focusing on Radical Islamic Groups and the bureau is simply overwhelmed.

head in sandThird, we as a country are in a state of denial. Simply stated, since we are denying that radical Islamic terrorism is even occurring, even in the face of the facts and the sheer reality of it all, we will not take action against it.

Forth, how can we begin to fight something if we haven’t identified it? As a leader you can’t tell people to charge a hill if you haven’t pointed out the hill. The president still refuses to identify the self-identified enemy due to political correctness and fear.

Fifth, political correctness will be our down fall. When everyone doesn’t say what they mean and mean what they say, we are doomed.

Sixth, if the peaceful and law-abiding Muslim community in the U.S. and elsewhere are truly against radical Islam, then they need to step up and make that perfectly clear. I am not talking about having a CAIR (Council on American–Islamic Relations) representative stand up and speak because I don’t believe they are truly who they purport to be. I mean regular Muslims; they need to denounce radical Islam. I do believe there are good and peaceful people who practice the religion of Islam and now is the time to hear from them.

Viper One Six – Out

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  1. Tim says:

    More articles like this and I’ll have to move next door to you and be your personal bodyguard. You just might put yourself on some jihadi’s map. Just kidding, keep hammering away at those MFer’s.

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