State of Disgrace

“Courage is being Me BWscared to death – and saddling up anyway.”  John Wayne

Good Day my Fellow Americans and Patriots

We are in a state of disgrace in this country. Plain and simple.

How we got here I’m not even sure anymore. But make no mistake, we are, and if we don’t change our ways we won’t have a country to disgrace anymore.

Take for example the case of Kelli Ann Burriesci who is the Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) of Screening Coordination Office of Policy at the Department of Homeland Security. Ms. Burriesci has a BA in Political Science and a Masters of Public Administration and within the scope of merely 10 years moved from analyst to her current position in the Senior Executive Service. In military terms that is equivalent to promoting from a second lieutenant to a brigadier general in 10 years which is simply unrealistic and unheard of.  


Last week she testified – showed up – before Congress regarding the U.S. visa waiver program but literally could not answer a single question posed to her by lawmakers.

She was asked if she knew how many Americans had traveled to Syria and returned. She didn’t know. She was asked how many visa program overstays are currently in the United States. Nothing. She was asked how many Americans are currently on the no-fly list. Again, she didn’t know.

Judging by her testimony, or lack thereof, either she isn’t qualified to be in the position, or perhaps she was promoted too quickly, or worse yet, she is simply incompetent. Either way, she was called before the congressional subcommittee hearing that is investigating and conducting inquiry into the “Terrorism and the Visa Waiver Program” and she could not answer a single question.

That is disgraceful. That is frightening.

You would think that if a person is a DAS for immigrant screening at DHS that she could at least come up with some information or partially answer the lawmaker’s questions. But she couldn’t and this is a perfect example of the incompetence prevalent in our government today.

But let me try to answer the question regarding visa program overstays. The answer is roughly 4.4 million people or 40% of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants currently in United States. But that figure may be wrong since all indications seem to point to the fact that DHS has lost total track of how many illegal immigrants are in our country. It’s probably more than 4.4 million.

But she may not be the only incompetent person at DHS.

haneyHow about the DHS unnamed SUPERVISOR(S) of Philip Haney, the whistleblower and former investigator at DHS who was investigating hundreds of illegal immigrant applicants who had ties to Radical Islamist Terror Organizations overseas.  Mr. Haney was fired for doing his job too well and it appears that if he would’ve been able to do his job he may have prevented the San Bernardino terror attack.

th0WISY851Of course, that is only half the story because the other half has to do with Political Correctness. Evidently, some people at the DHS Office of Civil Rights thought that the rights of terrorists attempting to immigrate to this country came before the rights of American citizens and their right to be safe in their own country. These incompetent people who are so wrapped up in political correctness that they said Haney’s work was “problematic” because the people and groups he was investigating were Islamist and in the world of “Political Correctness above everything else” that is totally against the rules, a very big no-no.

Our current state of disgrace is not only due to individual incompetence but is also reflected in some of our current policies and programs.

Political Correctness as an overarching policy and programmatic standard that controls how our government conducts business, implements law and in the case of the war on global terror controls how we conduct military, law enforcement, and intelligence operations is not only disgraceful but absolutely wrong. When the FBI and other investigative agencies cannot do their jobs due to PC concerns then the safety and security of our country, our communities, and citizens is at stake.

Make no mistake; we are not the only ones using political correctness as a standard and a tool. The enemies of our country, such as ISIS and other terrorist organizations, sovereign states and representative organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR are utilizing PC to manipulate our policies and programs to affect their goals and objectives. Our legal and illegal immigration policies are being perverted by enhancing the rights of noncitizens and diminishing those of citizens.

We have got to make serious changes in this country to get us out of this state of disgrace. Dumping political correctness, demanding competence in our officials and coming together as united country are a few good steps in that direction.

Viper One Six – Out



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1 Response to State of Disgrace

  1. Margaret Shearman says:

    I am just curious, Dave….if you were President, how would you handle the state of affairs in politics and foreign affairs? I realize there are so many things that have to change, but each time there is an approach to change, it is sabotaged. I think that goes back to the many microcosms with the macrocosm that I had suggested in a previous post to an article you wrote. For example, maybe Trump might be a good manager as POTUS, but how effective that will be will be the number of roadblocks he meets, and there will be many due to the political nature of our government.


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