I sit now in a place foreign and uneasy
I reflect, ponder and remember days past, moments lived on the edge
I pray for the lives of the fallen, their families and friends
I weep in the dark and silence of the night
I yearn to be among the brave of heart and action
Time, my greatest enemy, has finally taken its toll
The battlefield, distant and forlorn, calls from the dark
Like a fateful companion, whispering, summoning me back
I am a warrior, defender of the weak, the oppressed
With sharpened sword, solid and true, ready to stand post with honor


Now unable, but not unwilling, I sit and view from afar
Reflecting upon images hung on a wall, ribbons in a case
I came home, many stayed behind, fallen on the battlefield of their time
Boots, rifle and helmet are all that remain 
Remembrances of the warrior struck down defending till death
A light from above beckons, the warrior offers a final salute


I will never forget, I will never let go, I will never give in
My creed is a warrior creed, solid and true
I stand up to evil, prepared to fight, to die for my country
I am a warrior, defender of the weak and oppressed
Now I sit, my time and duty has passed
My battlefield dress still at the ready
I yearn to be standing watch on the battlefield of our time.

I was inspired today to write The Warrior’s Lament. Many thoughts and emotions flooded through me which brought this poem to life. I only wish to pay tribute to the warriors, men and women of the highest character, who stood watch, who are still standing watch and those who have fallen on the battlefields of our time. Warriors who I have served with and those I only wish I could trade places with. Selflessness, fearlessness and unwavering dedication to duty, to nation and to family are traits only truly known by those who serve.

I humbly pay tribute to the warriors on the beaches in every clime and place, on the deck plates, flight decks, cockpits and charging across the battlefield. To those behind the scenes and dark figures operating clandestinely whose names will never be spoken.

To the men and women who wear the badge of honor upon their chest each and every day, protecting and serving when no one else can nor has the fortitude to volunteer. I pay honor and offer my deepest respect for your timeless service.

Lastly, I pay special tribute to Marine Master Sergeant (ret.) Eden Pearl, Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC), who fought  his final battle and passed this week after six years of fighting debilitating injuries suffered from an IED attack in Afghanistan in 2009. MSgt Pearl was a Legend in the Marine Corps and in MARSOC. He was widely known within the Corps as the “Viking Warrior.” I never served nor personally knew the Viking Warrior but from one Marine to another, may you rest in peace Master Sergeant; your mission has been fulfilled.


 David R. Shearman, December 24, 2015






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3 Responses to A WARRIOR’S LAMENT

  1. Frank Shearman says:

    Very nice Dave, how appropriate and sincere on the eve of Christmas to reflect and honor “the few” with your “A Warriors Lament.” Well done.

    Merry Christmas and all the best, Frank



  2. Michael McCovery says:

    Well said!

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


  3. Al Petrie says:

    Awesome,Dave, awesome! Thank you.


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