Controversial week in football and politics

cropped-dave-wardak-afghanistan1.jpgIt’s been an interesting week to say the least. It started out with clashes on the gridiron, controversial halftime shows and upsets on the political stage. It ended with pundits refusing to acknowledge obvious political winners. It was surprising to see football and politics mixed together like I have never seen before.

Let’s start with football and some of the winners. The 2016 Super Bowl commemorated and celebrated the obvious – the 50th championship game of this iconic American sport. Recognizing the MVPs from previous Super Bowls at this historic event was a winner for me. It was awesome to see football greats, including Kansas City’s own Len Dawson, and many others all on the football field together.

Another big winner for me was the performances by the Joint Forces Chorus who sang “America the Beautiful.” I also have to give credit to Lady Gaga, who did a great job of singing the national anthem. I was pleasantly surprised.

As for the losers in the big game, the Carolina Panthers’ offense was decidedly trampled by Denver’s defense. But the real loser of the game was Panther quarterback Cam Newton. He got his butt kicked like he was playing high school ball back in Georgia. His grade school failure to even attempt to recover his fumble late in the fourth quarter was nothing compared to the juvenile sulking routine he displayed during the post-game interview with the media. That performance was actually disgusting to watch and for a grown man who is supposedly a professional athlete and paid $20 million per year, I would expect a lot more.

Peyton Manning obviously won on Sunday, as well as Denver pass rusher Von Miller, whose performance was exceptional.

Other losers of the Super Bowl were the NFL executives who approved the halftime show. Supposedly, the NFL doesn’t pay artists for these shows but I would think that it would have control over the production and limit it to musical entertainment and not allow artists to push their own social agendas.

Beyonce was a big loser as she exploited the huge NFL Super Bowl platform to push the Black Lives Matter movement and pay tribute to the highly controversial 1960s Black Panther Party. In more ways than one, her performance was direct support of the anti-police social agenda through her visual tribute of incorporating black berets and raised clenched fists symbolic of the socialist Black Panther Party movement.

She didn’t leave her black social messaging there, though. The 50 female dancers who performed with her all wore black leather and gold metal bandoleers that formed a distinctive “X” across their chests and the choreography intentionally placed all the dancers into a gigantic “X” formation on the stage. All of this was designed to pay obvious homage to Malcolm X, the former leader of the controversial Nation of Islam.
Besides Beyonce’s obvious agenda, it seemed as though her performance was totally out of sync with Coldplay – who gave away the stage – and even Bruno Mars. Her angry, anti-police and racist messages were in total contradiction to the message displayed by thousands of colorful cards held up by fans in the stands which read “Believe in Love.”

On the political front, Hillary Clinton won in Iowa by a coin toss against Bernie Sanders. Ted Cruz won against Trump who made a mistake of not showing up for the GOP debate. But Cruz lost when he reportedly used dirty tricks on Ben Carson by leaking that he suspended his campaign and left for Florida.

In New Hampshire, the tables turned as Bernie walked away with a decided victory over Clinton. Evidently, Granite State Democrats prefer the socialist agenda of Sanders over the deceitful and untrustworthy Hillary Clinton. Time will tell how the rest of the Democrats across the country feel about Bernie and if Clinton will still even be in the race given her insane legal problems.

For the Republicans, Donald Trump was the winner and did so by a commanding 2:1 margin over Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who placed second. Cruz, Bush, Rubio and Christie were all left scrambling for the remaining positions.

The losers of New Hampshire primary were the pundits, establishment figures and some media commentators, to include Fox News, who would not give Trump the credit and recognition due him for the win. On one hand, these old guard figures and commentators spoke about the significance of how the winner of this first primary is often the party candidate but on the other hand they minimized and even discounted Trump’s win and proclaimed he would not be the eventual GOP candidate.

It appears as almost anything goes in 2016, socialism is embraced, candidates who grossly, negligently and criminally don’t follow national security laws are permitted to run for president, establishment figures refuse to listen to the citizens and musical artists get away with fueling the flames of the anti-police movement under the guise of entertainment.

Viper One Six – Out.


Originally published in Gate House Media | Leavenworth Times

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3 Responses to Controversial week in football and politics

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks for the post. It was a controversial week indeed.

    A question about Mrs. Clinton’s use of her private email server and total lack acknowledgment of the potential security risks by the 2nd highest US security target (Secretary of State) behind POTUS. I am aghast by Mrs. Clinton’s total disregard for security protocol and the potential consequences of a breach. (Wouldn’t it be surprising in time if learned the Russians or Chinese have hacked into Mrs. Clinton’s unsecured communications as SOS.)

    My question is: How does Mrs. Clinton get away with creating her own unsecured communications system outside government secure systems inside the State Dept? Is Mrs. Clinton that powerful and does she possess such authority to get away with defying universal US government security protocol? Or is our government so corrupt to let this happen? I mean, some of the most dedicated and loyal professionals are in our government’s security organizations, Where are the whistle blowers in the government that knew about this? I am not a security professional who has given my life to the US security establishment and I am ticked off – imagine the 100’s of security professionals who must have known this was going on.

    Either Mrs. Clinton is 1) above the law and untouchable 2) super powerful and no one dares to whistle blow for fear of retaliation by Mrs. Clinton 3) We have a corrupt government 4) What she did by conducting official classified State Department business through unsecured channels is permitted and OK and like Mrs. Clinton says – it’s not a big deal.

    Thanks Dave.


  2. Rich Clapsaddle says:

    I wonder if Beyoncé knows that she gave herself a black eye? Did I say that? Yes I did, because that’s what it is. Our family watched about 30 seconds of the half time game, and considered it “trash”. I know a lot of honorable people, and the all thought the same thing. The Superbowl committee MUST be held accountable.


    • Rich,

      Yep you are spot on as always. I had to do some research about how the half time shows to try to find out who approves what and pays for what. Can’t say I found out much except that the NFL (executives and Old Commissioner) do not pay an artist to perform as they view the platform the NFL is providing (the Super Bowl Half Time Show) as very expensive free advertising. Yeah, that is exactly what they say and they are absolutely right – totally worldwide free advertising. And if you are someone like Beyonce and her man Jayzee (r whatever) and you want to push some nefarious social agenda, well, hell go ahead. The NFL says they only pay “production” costs for “artists.” Well, it is their show and they sure should control the content. But they obviously don’t control it and most likely don’t care. Probably along the lines of not caring about domestic violence regarding their multi-million dollar players.

      This very well could be my last Super Bowl I ever watch. – I was so disgusted by it. And even worse is they stupidity of viewers out there who are in a daze and stupor and who drool at “artists” like Beyonce saying ” oh isn’t she just great, I love her.”

      Hey, you, idiot, wake up from your intoxicated state you imbecile! Oh, wait a minute, is that a Bernie Sanders hat you’re wearing? Figures!

      Anyways, man we got to take a stand soon because the boat is going down quick. Viper One Six – Out


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