Don’t Push Mama’s Button

Dave new headshotThe Button Theory

When I was growing up my mother used to say “don’t push my buttons.” My brothers and sisters all knew what she meant and we tried exceptionally hard not to push any of her proverbial buttons because we all knew that there would be hell to pay if we did.

Now, it took quite a bit to push my mother’s button but despite our best efforts some knucklehead in my family would do something to finally piss my mother off. When that happened, her button was pushed and as a result any semblance of civility and motherly kindness went straight out the window and whatever pent-up anger and frustration she had bottled up inside was released upon us kids.

It was not pleasant.

However, in truth, the wrath that poured out from good ole Mama was her honest and unabashed feelings.

For some time, 20 years or so, I have had a theory regarding the Silent Majority in America and more specifically what it would take to finally push their collective buttons and spur them into action.

The Silent Majority

But before we look at what it would take to push the button of the Silent Majority, let’s examine who they are and who they are not.

They most certainly are not the establishment cronies and the elite ruling class.

They are the middle and working class, plain conservative Americans who are just living a normal everyday life. Folks who believe in good old fashion Americana -baseball, apple pie, patriotism and who still believe that America is the greatest country on this God given earth.

They are men and women, decent folks, who stand and sing when the national anthem is played and cry when a serviceman or women falls in defense of this country. They are neighbors, brothers, sister, mothers and fathers who don’t run from danger and will risk it all for a total stranger. Citizens who voluntarily raise their right hand and swear to defend the constitution, folks who believe a prayer to the man upstairs ain’t too much to ask and believe in the principles as outlined by the Founding Fathers.

These Americans believe in:

The 2nd Amendment: They believe in the right to keep and bear arms. They know that this is the single most frightening aspect that the liberals are absolutely deathly afraid of. They know that the right to have a firearm and to use it as proclaimed in the 2nd Amendment is the sole reason why liberals not only want gun control but ultimately want to abolish guns in this country. They know that the mere existence of a conservative Silent Majority, who have legal access to guns under the 2nd Amendment, stands in the way of the Radical Left and destroys their ability to radically transform our country into anything other than the republic that it is.

American Capitalist Dream: They believe in less regulation and more capital freedoms to pursue the American Dream through opportunities such as small business ownership.

American Work Ethic: They are all for helping those in need but at the same time believe that ultimately everyone stands on their own two feet and there isn’t anything such as a free ride.

Strong America for the World: They want America to be the world leader that it has always been and know that without strong American leadership the world literally will fall into chaos.

Pro-Military: They want a strong and fully supported military – no questions asked or skimping on the proper support, benefits, retirement and due respect.

Righteous Representation: They demand righteous and truthful representation from elected leaders. They believe that our elected leaders should not need to be reminded that they work for the people not the other way around. Nor should they become ultra-rich as a matter of seeking public office.

Fair and Legal Immigration: They are not against immigration; they just want immigrants to follow the established rules and laws pertaining to legal immigration and they want the federal government and responsible agencies to enforce those same laws.

A Strong Economy and Employment Opportunities: They believe that America should be leading the world in economic viability and that goods and products should be made here in the U.S. by citizens of the U.S. and not outsourced to cheaper labor overseas just so rich CEOs can have fat pensions and lavish estates.

Local Education: They don’t believe the liberal federal education system should mandate what local school systems should teach and be under the thumb of federal funding just so liberal ideals can be forced down the throats of the young and impressionable youth.

America the Republic: They denounce and outright refuse to have America turned into anything resembling socialism, communism, Islamism – whatever – or anything other than what America was founded upon.

Religious Freedoms and Founding Principles: They are for religious freedoms but declare that this country – America – was founded by Christians who believed in and cherished Judeo – Christian values and that this country will always hold Christianity above all else. Furthermore, they denounce any attempts to diminish Christian values from all segments of our society for the sake of a minority few who believe in absolutely nothing but themselves.

The Button Theory – The mounting issues and stress

As I said, this theory is based upon my mother’s golden rule of the expressed ramifications of pushing her proverbial “button.”

This “button” theory relates exactly to what has been occurring in America within the Silent Majority. For far, far, far too long the Silent Conservative Majority in America has quietly existed in the background of American life.

They have been fighting and dying at home and abroad, working 12 hours a day to feed their families and still barely making ends meet. Regardless of hard times, they have stood on their own two feet, pulled their boots up, worked hard and not asked for a single handout.

For years, if not decades, they have accepted the false promises of career Washington politicians and the elite class. They have put up with the constant erosion of the bedrock of principals that made this country. They have been called every offensive name in the book and labeled as Racist, Homophobe, Xenophobe, Nationalist, Zionist, Fascist, and many others. Yet they have still remained civil, silent and reluctantly politically correct.

This silent majority has withstood the barrage of overt and covert attacks executed by the liberals in America such has been funded by George Zoros and company. What many people don’t know and the media will not spotlight is the fact that liberal attacks are actually very violent for violence by the Left is the manner in which they control the masses.

For way too long they have remained civil even in the face of all these attacks and manipulative agendas.

But those days are over.

The Button has done been pushed

Those many years of pent up frustration and anger is finally being unleashed. Just like when my mom’s final button was pushed, we are seeing that anger released in many forms during this presidential election. We have seen historic voter turn-outs at the polling booths – old and new Republicans, Independent and reasonable Democrats even as the Democrats are witnessing a steep decline in voting numbers.

People are no longer afraid to speak their mind and have been encouraged to stand up for themselves as a result of Donald Trump’s non-filtered, no non-sense speech. Instead of backing down and abiding by political correctness, middle class conservatives are throwing PC out the window and fighting back to the astonishment of all.

Who pushed the Button?

Make no mistake; this anger is not a product of this specific election year or any particular candidate. It is not the fault of Donald Trump. Despite what story the media spins or even what Republican establishment candidates and cronies say. It is not the doing of Trump.

It is the fault of Barrack Hussein Obama. He is the one who has finally pushed the proverbial button of the Silent Majority. He and the progressive left are to blame. Their divisive tactics, quest for total control and war on law enforcement is to blame.

After 7 years of putting up with Obama and the constant bullying by the left, the collective proverbial button of millions of conservative Americans has finally been pushed. We are no longer silently accepting the liberal agenda of self-victimization, multiculturalism, globalization, humanism and any other control mechanism designed by the liberal minority.

We will not stand for the terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood and the Black Lives Matters movement being invited into the Oval Office and outwardly embraced by this failed president. We are tired of insider deals such as the national security travesty brokered by Obama and Kerry with Iran and facilitated by numerous staff members of the Obama administration who are suspiciously Iranian by birth and have ties to this terrorist country.

We refuse to stand by and watch as our police officers are gunned down in the street by thugs and Islamic terrorists as the Obama administration refuses to even utter the words radical and Islam.

We refuse to be under federal mandate by a politicized U.S. Justice Department that does not engage in justice at all but rather as an agent thug carrying out the will of a crooked and traitor president.

We will not remain silent any longer and accept the lies and deceit perpetrated by the Clintons and especially Hillary Clinton who will lie, cheat, and deceive to acquire as much power as she can conceivably get.

The Ramifications for the GOP Establishment –

But to give credit where it is due and to be completely fair, the GOP elites have sat on their asses and been too content. They have ineffectively legislated and co-mingled with the Democrats to the point that they have lost the play book they were given. The push back and outright revolution against the GOP establishment figures took them by complete surprise. But what was most astonishing and revealing was the reaction by the GOP Elite and Establishment.

The Republican establishment elites, the media and the minority are completely at a loss for what is happening. They are all frightened beyond belief. They thought this day would never come or thought they could control and contain it. They mistakenly thought that they held the power and the silent majority did not. But they are wrong and they are being shown who truly holds the ultimate power – the citizens do.

What is more disturbing, sickening, and revealing are the Party Boys and the Insiders of the Party who are going against the will of the people, trying to take away democracy and the will of the people. Their self-serving tactics will backfire on them and reveal to the citizens just who they truly are.

Not knowing how to handle the revolt against them by their constituents they turn and attempt to blame someone other than Obama and his Administration. They have such short term memories and have forgot about Obama’s dictatorship rule, Obamacare, Iran Nuclear Deal, ISIS failure, Benghazi, Syria, Russia, Afghanistan, Iraq early withdrawal, 10 trillion dollars spent and the list of failures goes on and on. Instead of blaming Obama they attempt to blame an outsider named – Donald Trump.

The question or issue is not whether you like Trump or not. I am not asking you to. I only ask you to seriously examine what is happening, who did what and why people are doing what they are doing.

I mentioned in a previous Blog, “Who said revolutions were pretty anyways”, Trump may not be the prettiest candidate or he may not be the perfect figure for a revolution, but he is the igniter, the fire starter per se.

If you take a very real and honest look at the plight of the middle class and the silent majority in America and think about what has been happening in America, you will come to understand that liberalism is to blame and liberalism is sick.

A very real possibility

I believe that we are in the midst of a revolution in this country. One that I believe is needed. I am not certain to what extent that may be or what form that may take. But, I for one, am happy. I am happy that the collective buttons of the Silent Majority have finally been pushed and that action is taking the place of the PC culture.

I am hopeful that, perhaps, The Silent Majority will no longer be content to simply quietly exist in the background of American life and take its rightful place in society.


Viper One Six – Out

Portions Published in Gatehouse Media | The Leavenworth Times

March 17, 2016 under column Viper One Six

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1 Response to Don’t Push Mama’s Button

  1. Michael McCovery says:

    I am going to keep this short since you and I are good friends. That is the biggest crock of garbage you have ever put out. The “Silent Majority” has finally got a “Racist, Homophobe, Xenophobe, Fascist and many others” that will say the things that are discussed with their friends in private. Those things said in private would definitely get them those labels in a civil democratic society. Now, they have a billionaire mouth piece who does not have to worry where his next meal will come from if the public kicks him out of office. As an individual who has had to stradle the fence between several worlds in this great country, I see idiots like this putting me in the mindset everyday I walk out the door “be fearful and prepared” for the guy with the “Racist, Homophobe, Xenophobe, Fascist, and many others” bumper sticker. My reason for this is they now believe because of the rhetoric that they can dk what they want.  As far as the President of the United States of America Barrack Hussein Obama is concerned, I cannot wait till he is out of office. Why you may ask? What will the “Racist, Homophobe, Xenophobe, Fascist, and many others” crowd have to blame their problems on? Not the guy whom they said from day one their job was to make sure he would be a “One term President”. They should have been trying to help him as they would any other president who looks like them fix this country’s budget that the last guy that looked like them left him with. But hey the seed of hatred to not like people that look like him, has been planted in this country since slaves were first brought here. We are not talking about the indentured one’s who could buy their freedom and walk around with out a stigma because they looked like the majority but the one’s who were stripped of all they knew. The one’s who helped build this country with sometimes the actual skin off of their backs.  Sorry this was suppose to be short but I could go on and on about the scared silent majority. Oh, let me not forget about the liberal education system, at least it will not put in a history book that Slaves were ” workers”!

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