By all accounts my calendar for Sunday, February 4th, just became wide open.

You may have heard the newest twist in the tiresome saga of the NFL gone crazy. Yes, Roger Goodell and the NFL, in yet another act of liberally slapping America in the face, denied the paid advertisement submitted by AMVETS (American Veterans) to be displayed during the Super Bowl. Evidently, the highly controversial advertisement was so offensive it could not be approved by the PC police at the NFL HQ.

“Please Stand”, was the advertisement with an American flag in the background. Plain, simple, respectful and not unreasonable.

Oh, my dear Lord (oops can’t say that), when did IT become so offensive to politely ask – by using  the adverb “Please” (a polite addition to requests and unfortunately no longer in contemporary use)  – that everyone, including over-paid self-absorbed members of the NFL, simply STAND in respect for our nation, its flag and its anthem?

Rhetorical question, I know. “It” – the oppression of free speech – began when the voices of millions upon millions of “Deplorables” across this country rose up and took a STAND against the liberal elites and their followers and left them clutching to nothing but censorship and hate.

Insanity continues to know no bounds and Commissioner, Roger Goodell, and all of the rest of the spineless executives in that organization have chosen to turn their backs on the very country that provided the foundation, the opportunity, and yes the physical stadiums for which to make their multi-millions off the backs of Americans.

Back to my now free calendar; What should I do since I absolutely will not be watching the Super Bowl that afternoon?

I have an idea – far-fetched and soon to be ancient as it may be – I think I will go outside to my front yard where my flag pole STANDS proudly and put a fresh new HUGE American flag on the lanyard and hoist it up high in the sky for all to see.

I might really push the cultural PC limits and become even more rebellious – patriotic some may say – and STAND there in sheer respect for the nation of my birth and the land that has given so much to so many who were born here and not born here.

Yes, I will STAND there in dawn’s early morning light and render a crisp hand salute all the while taking in all the beauty of those broad stripes and bright stars as they wave over the home of the free and the brave. I think I’ll even play the national anthem over my Made in America radio as I STAND there.

Wait a minute, that’s nothing new, I do that every day.

Goodell and the rest of the people who have lost their way can do whatever they please, just not with my time or my money.

It’s a good thing that the Nascar, basketball and hockey organizations have more internal fortitude than does the NFL because that is where I’ll spend my sporting event dollars.

I will STAND for the America I know and love until I can STAND no longer – NFL you can count on that!


Viper One Six – Out

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3 Responses to NFL No More! I STAND with AMVETS

  1. craig linzy says:

    The NFL handled this situation very pourly and without conviction.
    I have not been able to dignify the watching of a football game
    which is something I have been doing as long as I can remember.
    It just goes to show that the few are carrying the purden of maintaining
    freedom for the many.🇺🇸 God Bless America.


  2. Tee Gee says:

    Bravo DRS, we’ll said as usual!!!


  3. Michael Perry says:

    It’s been really nice this year not watching NFL football, I have been able to rearrange my sock drawer!!!


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