State of the divided Union

“This is not who we are,” said young Congressman Joe Kennedy III (Democrat from Massachusetts) who passionately responded to President Trump’s State of the Union Address this week. His emotion filled remarks made it seem as though the end of the world was coming at any minute.

I had trouble understanding who Kennedy was referring to when he referenced “we” in his statement.

Who is “we?”

Since Kennedy was a key Democratic speaker offering the official Democratic response then he must mean those political elites in the Democratic Party and their constituents.

That’s terrible because that would mean that Kennedy and Democrats don’t like or support the fact that Black and Hispanic unemployment rates are at historic lows. Even more surprising was the response by the members of the Congressional Black Caucus who, by their actions of remaining seated and expressionless, evidently prefer to have their fellow black Americans remaining unemployed, struggling every day, and doing nothing with their lives.

I chased down and arrested the street thugs from MS-13 who prey on innocent Americans of every demographic. I have helped hunt down insurgent terrorists overseas and I know, firsthand, how repulsive these sub-human beings are. But, I guess Democrats are in favor of having these violent criminals pour into this country and be given free rein to slaughter our families and children in sanctuary cities. Evidently, they support allowing terrorists to be released back to the battlefield so they can launch attacks against this country rather than being eradicated or put in Guantanamo Bay where they belong.

I’m not sure why Democrats wouldn’t want to stop the opioid drug epidemic and put drug pushers and criminals in jail where they belong? Perhaps they want people dependent on a big government system which they control and, even more disgusting, they are okay with drug dealers peddling drugs to their kids.

Yes, and judging from the actions and the childlike disgust on the faces of Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the Democrats, they would rather see no progress in lowering prescription drug costs, providing medical services to those in need, having improved healthcare for veterans, protecting American workers in the job force, protecting American families from crime, rebuilding our decaying infrastructure, having fair trade policies, lifting our fellow legal citizens up, having a strong and fully capable military, adding even more new jobs than the 2.4 million already added, having repatriated wealth brought back into our country so that businesses can build plants to employ even more Americans like Apple Corporation.

I guess Democrats aren’t in favor of improving work force development and job training programs, supporting families with the Family Leave Act, increasing higher wages for workers, giving people a second chance in life, and eradicating ISIS from the face of the earth.

Why would Democrats not want these things? Perhaps it has to do with making sure people are dependent upon a big government and ensuring that they retain their power over those same people.

It seems as though Democrats aren’t in favor of a thriving economy where the stock market is soaring to the highest levels it has ever been and increasing the value of retirement accounts of Americans. Perhaps they should give away all those newly earned investment dollars since keeping them would certainly be hypocritical.

It’s hard to believe that Democrats aren’t in favor of ordinary Americans having more money in their family budgets so they can live better as a result of the recently passed Tax Cut Bill. That doesn’t make any sense either. Again, in the spirit of not being hypocritical, I would expect Democrats everywhere to give away that extra income, perhaps they should give that money to dope dealers, criminals and illegal aliens who kill Americans after being caught and released by a failed immigration system and porous southern border.

Perhaps most revealing and disgusting to me is that Democrats don’t believe that everyday Americans have hopes and dreams and that is reserved only for illegal aliens who have entered this country – illegally. I guess that would mean that I am not eligible to dream for a better future for myself or my family. By their definition, my kids don’t have hopes and dreams for their futures because according to the words and actions of Democrats, Americans aren’t dreamers too.

I sincerely hope that the elites and leaders of the Democratic Party don’t speak for all Americans because that simply doesn’t make sense. I don’t believe that good decent Americans of any political persuasion would not want prosperity, security, and a hope for a better life and a better America.

But, unfortunately the hate that is filled in the hearts of the leaders of the Democratic Party and their followers makes them utterly blind to the goodness that is trying to be provided to everyone in this country as President Trump endeavors to Make America Great Again.


Viper One Six – Out

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2 Responses to State of the divided Union

  1. Michael Perry says:

    Well written Dave and spot on. I too was perplexed at the Democrats and there obvious hatred for President Trump and everything he stands for. I kept asking myself why will they (Democrats) not give him credit for his obvious accomplishments. Then it dawned on me, they would have to admit that they have been wrong all along and President Trump is right!!!


  2. Dave, again you hit the nail on the head. I was, as you are deeply moved by the lack of information that the Democrats rely on. It appears to me that the less they know the better. What a horrible place to make decisions from that effect all Americans. Thanks for keeping the facts in the foreground. Steve

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