The Insurgency in America

Since 9/11, many terms and concepts are now unfortunately common speech in our communities, schools, homes, and within our government. Terms such Insurgency, Shadow Government, Deep State which were normally associated with societies and conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and other turbulent war torn countries are now being used on a daily basis to describe groups and activities within our own government.

The term Insurgency is particularly disturbing due to its mere definition as: “a movement within a country dedicated to overthrowing the government. An insurgency is a rebellion.” This term is often associated with violence, upheaval, intimidation, and the destruction of standing governments, governments, and societies. When one looks at America today it is difficult to not see evidence of these very things occurring throughout our society.

The terms “Deep State” and “Shadow Government” also came into our lives in the last two years and both are often used to describe the activities of career unelected government employees and associated agencies who work behind the scenes to control state policy despite duly elected representatives. Again, it appears as though there is some type of “Deep State” or “Shadow Government” working behind the scenes in America.

The mere fact that these terms are used in America today to describe the happenings within our federal government should be incredibly frightening to every American, despite any political party affiliation.

This past week, during the tumultuous SCOTUS nomination hearing of Judge Kavanaugh, we have witnessed these terms in real time. The theatrics, behaviors, and activities exhibited during this Senate Judiciary committee hearing should be alarming to every citizen because it appears as though the basic American societal tenants of civility, fairness, due process, freedom, liberty, democracy, and majority rule to name a few are all under attack.

The appointment and confirmation process of Justices to the Supreme Court is a constitutionally established process to determine the suitability of a nominee. The Senate Judiciary Committee conducts a series of hearings to determine the nominee’s suitability and then, by vote, sends their recommendation to the full floor of the Senate with either a positive, negative or neutral report. The Senate then conducts a full vote of the nominee and either confirms, rejects or filibusters to delay and ultimately cancel the nominee altogether.

It’s a process meant to be above board, honest, forthright, fair, decent, civil, and held to the highest standards, not the travesty we are witnessing. The negative effects of the Kavanaugh hearings travel far beyond the doors of the hearing room itself and are tearing this country apart.

This should not be a partisan issue or concern. In this instance Kavanaugh, a conservative, is being destroyed through a hearing process that was not meant to be what we are witnessing. If the nominee was a liberal appointee, that nominee should not be destroyed either. The process should simply, as it was intended to be, a process to examine the published rulings, articles, speeches, and other background material to get an idea of candidates’ values and views on constitutional issues. But that is not what is happening.

We are headed down a path I don’t believe most people in this country want to travel down and we are headed towards a destination so radically different then what America was intended to be. The tour guides on this trip do not have everyday Americans best interests in mind no matter what political party they are now affiliated with. These tour guides have only their best interests of power and control in mind which they intend to unleash upon us when we arrive at a new America – an America so utterly different than the one we currently reside in.

At this time in America we are experiencing unprecedented positive happenings both in this country and globally and it should be a positive time full of happiness, civility, and togetherness but sadly it is not. In fact, just the opposite is occurring and it is baffling and makes no sense at all. More concerning is when one pulls back the curtains and examines the powerful forces behind all this turmoil you find evidence of an Insurgency, a Shadow Government and a Deep State aggressively working to undermine this country and the American way of life as we know it. An Insurgency and a Shadow Government are not pretty places and for those of us who have witnessed these things first hand, we can tell you they are ugly, dark, violent, destructive, and evoke overarching control over the populace. None of which I want any part of.

We, as actively engaged citizens, need to civilly, peacefully, and respectfully exercise our rights and cast our power through our own individual vote next month. Friends, let’s not arrive at a destination we can never leave from and one which we could have prevented going to in the first place by letting our voices be heard through the ballot box.

Viper One Six – Out

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