The Great American Asset – The Common Everyday American Worker

In my last column for Gatehouse Media/Leavenworth Times, I wrote about the everyday American citizen, the common folks who are perseverant, resilient, innovative, compassionate and giving. Over the last couple months we have witnessed stunning examples of those altruistic behaviors being played out each and every day. When it has come down to it, in times of struggle and need, the common everyday American citizen will always step up to a challenge and move collectively towards a common and shared goal.

Over the past years, thanking our military service members for their service to the country has become a welcomed tradition and one that has been much overdue. We know the sacrifice these everyday heroes provide and we acknowledge their service.

Now we are experiencing firsthand the selfless sacrifice of other silent heroes within our communities who are working so very hard to support all of us. Those doctors and nurses, first responders, truck and home delivery drivers, grocery store clerks and shelf stockers, farmers and tradesmen, utility providers, bankers and financiers, beauticians and barbers, sanitation and welfare workers, restaurant professionals, and so many others are finally being recognized for their contributions. Yes, in times like these, they too are American heroes.

What has become very evident is that these everyday American citizen/workers are the driving force behind this wonderful country. Like cogs in a wheel, each of us plays a vital role in this complex and inter-dependent economy. The jobs we all do are so very important to how this great American machine functions.

During these unprecedented times, as many of us are holed up in our homes and unable to go to our places of work or go about our daily lives, it has become abundantly clear just how important each of us is to the overall composition of our economy. What is even more uplifting is that, historically, during times of national crisis, everyday Americans come together as one. They put aside their differences and work together in support of one another as we have suffered through terrorist attacks, violence in our communities, natural disasters and more. It is incredibly inspirational to witness.

Without a doubt, the greatest asset this country possesses is the everyday American citizen.

What is also very clear, and frankly sickening and disgusting, is the fact that there are some Americans, namely state and national politicians, who use times of crisis to take advantage of their fellow citizens for their own personal gain and benefit. There are some, not all, elected national leaders who plainly do not believe in this country nor support the founding principles and therefore seek to change or even destroy this country.

There are some governors, senators, and congressional members, who stonewall, undercut, manipulate, deceive, and fabricate in order to seek more personal power and move forward anti-American ideas and policies. This is an all too familiar reality, one that has been silently accepted for far too many years, and which needs to be stopped.

But the good news is that the everyday American citizen is who really runs and controls this country, not the so-called representatives. Without the American worker, this all falls apart. We are witnessing that reality being played out before our very eyes as Americans are forced to stay at home and the economy tanks as Americans are not working.

Americans are very independent minded people. We like to work, that’s what we do. We like to earn our own way by working hard so we can play hard. We don’t like unnecessary interference in our lives and we won’t accept our rights being taken away. Make no mistake, we love our personal freedoms and will defend our liberties robustly. This has been evident in the past couple days as protesters have taken to the steps of state capitals across the country demanding the re-opening of their states and the re-establishment of their unalienable rights.

Without a doubt, this pandemic has cost many lives and sickened many others. But we can’t allow it to destroy our economy and, by default, our nation. There are far too many people who have been financially adversely affected by way of the country being shut down. Millions are now unemployed, small businesses have shut down and will never return, industries have been decimated, and trillions of dollars have been spent in just a matter of a few months. So while we do everything needed to help fight off the Wuhan/COVID-19 virus, let’s get America safely back to work.

Viper One Six – Out

Dave Shearman is the co-author of Outside The Wire In Blue

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