2020 The Year of Endless Turmoil – Part 1 The Insurrection

The in-custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN sparked outrage in the local Minneapolis community as to what appears to be excessive force utilized by at least one involved officer and possible negligence on the part of others.

Amazingly, and unlike other similar incidents, virtually everyone across the country no matter what ethnicity, gender, or race agreed that the tactics utilized to affect the arrest of Mr. Floyd appeared to be excessive. Chiefs of Police, police unions and associations, and individual officers joined in conversation, not defending the rights of their fellow officers but condemning the actions and inactions of the arresting officers which lead to Mr. Floyd’s untimely death.

Under extreme pressure the Hennepin County attorney arrested and charged former officer, Derek Chauvin, with 3rd degree murder in record time and with the minimum evidence necessary to move the case forward. The other three officers involved have been fired and will undoubtedly face arrest and possible prosecution. Understandably, the Floyd family is seeking justice as other concerned people and groups took to the street to protest for police reform.

But the violent criminal riots we are witnessing nationwide has all but hijacked the entire Floyd situation and diminished its significance.

That’s because the riots are not about the George Floyd incident at all, or for that matter, even about any other similar police use of force incidents we have seen in the recent past. Sure there are people involved in the protesting and rioting that are angry and want reforms in police tactics but they are being used by larger entities with an entirely different agenda. These rioters and riots are orchestrated, organized, funded, and utilize insurgency type tactics with leadership pulling the strings and stoking the flames of dissent.

In years past our local, state, and federal government was stable with employees and elected officials committed to doing their jobs outside of their personal views and philosophies in order to quell violent social events. But that is no longer the case as we now have a large percentage of politicians and leadership of city and state governments, police departments, and legislative bodies, to include Congress, who no longer see it their duty to uphold the offices they hold and perform the duties required of them despite their personal opinions regarding social issues. The highly divisive societal issues have permeated into our governmental structure so much so that the very offices and institutions that once held our society together in times of great consequence are now outright supporting the violent anarchy that is taking place in our communities nationwide.

Governors and mayors hamstring law enforcement agencies and prevent them from enforcing law and order while they openly advocate and support violence protests, criminality in general, looting, and pillaging of entire business districts. In many liberal cities, senior police leadership has also adopted the same philosophies and even further hampered front line officers and special units from carrying out their sworn duties to protect and defend the helpless business owners and citizens.

What about the constitutional rights of those business owners and individuals who have nothing to do with any of this? Who is liable for their losses? What about the many victims of this violence to include scores of law enforcement officers already gravely injured or killed?

The answer: Those people are trivial collateral damage as part of the ongoing and ever increasing internal warfare we are witnessing in our nation.

Perhaps the appointed leaders who have failed to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the offices they hold should be held civilly and criminally liable for their actions and inactions of facilitating, encouraging, turning a blind eye, and outright supporting what I call is an insurgency.

This is not about a bunch of innocent protesters yelling for change. It is about what is very clearly an overt violent and criminal attempt to fundamentally change this nation from the ground up by using guerrilla warfare tactics to carry out the stated goals of Antifa.

Antifa is not a bunch of college age kids vocalizing there discontent over some social issue even though a majority of them are heavily recruited on college campuses under the false banner of fighting racism. No, Antifa, is a hard core movement that needs to be taken very seriously and thankfully it is now labeled a Domestic Terror Group. Why are they a domestic terror group? Let me site but one of thousands examples. Recently in Richmond VA, rioters intentionally set fire to an occupied multi-family residence with a child inside. Antifa and it’s supporters then blocked the fire department’s access to the residence by setting up a road block and thus ensuring the death of the innocent child. There is no doubt that Antifa, it’s members, supporters, leadership, and the enablers are a murderous domestic terror organization.

But make no mistake and don’t put your head to the sand because Antifa is not going away any time soon. The overall transformational agenda and the goals they seek are long term and not in line with the founding principals of this nation. Their leftist elite leadership and string pullers, who are at every level of our government, support their cause because it is their cause too. Understand that Antifa with their fighting mantra of “by any means necessary” is not going away and very well could achieve their goals unless they are immediately stopped and the leadership at all levels exposed and held responsible.

Viper One Six – Out

Dave Shearman is the co-author of the book “Outside The Wire In Blue”

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2 Responses to 2020 The Year of Endless Turmoil – Part 1 The Insurrection

  1. Michael Perry says:

    Spot on Dave


  2. William Woolfolk says:

    Great article Dave! Very well written and a lot of food for thought.


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