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2020 The year of endless turmoil – Part II Attacking back at the Spoiled Rotten Generation, Antifa, et al

In the wake of the George Floyd incident and the terrorist led rioting and violence, the irrational topic of defunding the police has made headlines in the past few days as mobs of the Spoiled Rotten Generation took to the … Continue reading

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2020 The Year of Endless Turmoil – Part 1 The Insurrection

The in-custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN sparked outrage in the local Minneapolis community as to what appears to be excessive force utilized by at least one involved officer and possible negligence on the part of others. Amazingly, … Continue reading

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Operation Bulldog Bite – A Cop and a Hero

It was mid-November of 2010 in Kunar Province, Afghanistan and throughout Eastern Afghanistan the threat of the harsh winter was just weeks away. Kunar was one of 14 provinces encompassing the U.S. commanded Regional Command–East (RC-East) and it had the … Continue reading

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The Great American Asset – The Common Everyday American Worker

In my last column for Gatehouse Media/Leavenworth Times, I wrote about the everyday American citizen, the common folks who are perseverant, resilient, innovative, compassionate and giving. Over the last couple months we have witnessed stunning examples of those altruistic behaviors … Continue reading

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We all react to threats differently

Hello Viper One Six readers! I have not written a column for over a year as I have been engaged in some other writing endeavors. Namely, I had my first book published in late 2018 and since then my co-author, … Continue reading

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