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Our collective awakening: Are We the People finally demanding truth in our Democracy?

Does the truth matter anymore? Does it matter if corporations distort the truth in order to sell their products to unknowing consumers? In politics, have we become so accustomed to being lied to that this is the reality forced upon … Continue reading

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Brinksmanship in the Persian Gulf ~ the hostage taking of 10 U.S. Navy sailors

Something doesn’t smell right to me with this whole incident regarding the 10 U.S. Navy sailors that were detained in the Persian Gulf by Iran last week. Thankfully, they were subsequently released, but, there is a lot that just doesn’t … Continue reading

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State of the Union – Obama is wrong on national security policy

While watching the State of the Union address Tuesday night, I have come to the conclusion that either President Obama is such an extraordinary visionary, a man before his time who has seen what the world looks like many years into the … Continue reading

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Post Iraq and Afghanistan Conflicts – The need for strategic assets maintained

Scholars and historians will debate and study many of the outcomes of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars for many years to come. Without a doubt, neither one of these conflicts was perfect, as if there ever is such a thing … Continue reading

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