Future Ops

Karachi Blind  – A soon to be published novel.


Jake Anderson, a retired police sergeant and owner of an elite security company, accepts a high payoff protective operation in Karachi, Pakistan. While there, Jake and his team uncover layers of deception from those closest to him that places him dead in the middle of a never ending battle for regional supremacy by nation states, covert agencies and the Haqqani Network – a deadly trans-national mafia like terrorist group operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Trying to stay alive and one step ahead of the terrorists, Jake comes face to face with the killer of his wife and son.  The stakes are high and the “City of Guns” will never be the same as Jake struggles to avenge the death of his family, prevent a horrific attack on American interests in the region and expose the Great Game.

3 Responses to Future Ops

  1. Bill says:

    Man I really think you hit the mark. You really set your blog up well and was easy to get set up. I will pass on to my friends.
    If you’ve got them by the balls their hearts and minds will follow.”
    ― John Wayne


    • Thanks Mr. Tobey – Please stay tuned as I endeavor to bring current and meaningful information, commentary and view points to my blog. I welcome guests writers to submit their views and opinions as well, so start writing! Dave


  2. I am eagerly awaiting the book. I am a huge fan of your blog (concise, on point, well expressed, and always intriguing).The day you add a post is always a good day!


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