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Don’t Push Mama’s Button

The Button Theory When I was growing up my mother used to say “don’t push my buttons.” My brothers and sisters all knew what she meant and we tried exceptionally hard not to push any of her proverbial buttons because … Continue reading

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What to do when you meet a couple gunslingers in skirts

Being a huge western era fan, sometimes when I am hanging out in downtown Leavenworth, the First City of Kansas, my mind wonders and I imagine walking the streets of this historic town as they were back in the rough … Continue reading

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Who said revolutions and revolutionist are pretty anyways?

Have you ever seen anything like it? The slanderous comments, open bitterness, name calling, continuous personal attacks and the totally divisive rhetoric cast by the candidates – deplorable, just plain deplorable. Important issues are overshadowed by the constant negativity and … Continue reading

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