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Veteran’s Day Reminder

Today is Veteran’s Day and for many of us that means gathering downtown to watch a local Veteran’s Day parade. Veterans and active duty members will march the parade route in uniform while holding Old Glory along with unit flags. Your … Continue reading

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Don’t Push Mama’s Button

The Button Theory When I was growing up my mother used to say “don’t push my buttons.” My brothers and sisters all knew what she meant and we tried exceptionally hard not to push any of her proverbial buttons because … Continue reading

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Principle of majority rule is cornerstone of democracy

“Courage is being scared to death – and saddling up anyway.”   John Wayne Good Day my Fellow Americans and Patriots   “Lex Majoritis Partis” – literal translation being the law of the majority party or in practical terms – … Continue reading

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Perspective and what happens when things get out of hand

October 22, 2015 I don’t know about any of you all, but things seem to be getting out of hand, as of late, and I am not sure people know just how good we have it here in the good … Continue reading

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