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Celebrating the Holidays this Crazy 2020 Year – Deployed Style

Being home for the holidays and spending time with your family and loved ones makes this time of year the very best. Families look forward to the holiday season to share gifts, goodwill and cheer, and to reflect on what … Continue reading

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2020 The year of endless turmoil – Part II Attacking back at the Spoiled Rotten Generation, Antifa, et al

In the wake of the George Floyd incident and the terrorist led rioting and violence, the irrational topic of defunding the police has made headlines in the past few days as mobs of the Spoiled Rotten Generation took to the … Continue reading

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Veterans Day thanks, Happy Birthday Devil Dogs, Battleships and Cutters, & thoughts of Service

I am writing to you this day from my U. S. Coast Guard office at Sector Headquarters in Wilmington, NC where I am thinking about the upcoming Veteran’s Day holiday. My weekend Drill holds special meaning in that I have … Continue reading

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Deployment Reflections – Green Beans Coffee Shop Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan April 29, 2017

I offer salutations from the famous (in AFG circles, anyways) “Green Bean Coffee House” located at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan. This joint, a dilapidated plywood structure incorporated into the PX area, located just off of another famous geo-location on Bagram … Continue reading

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Veteran’s Day Reminder

Today is Veteran’s Day and for many of us that means gathering downtown to watch a local Veteran’s Day parade. Veterans and active duty members will march the parade route in uniform while holding Old Glory along with unit flags. Your … Continue reading

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